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The Brand

The Designer

Csilla Mezei is not only a fine jewelry designer, but a renaissance woman. She’s an adventure-seeker, speaks seven languages, a private pilot and has sailed the world twice. Skydiving, parasailing, visiting the Brazilian favelas, the Himalayan mountains and other adrenaline-rushing pursuits has shaped the way she lives and creates. Csilla has spent most of her life traveling and exploring cultures. She is the owner of a luxury concierge service called Concierge Star. 



The Brand

Csilla Mezei designs jewelry inspired by powerful life experiences. Stunning pieces that you will want to wear as a talisman of your own personal journey. Compelling 18K gold and diamond jewels that symbolize your personal life stories. Glorious rings that describe your special narrative. Necklaces that chronicle the pivotal moments in your life. Sparkling bracelets that will tell the story of your own emotional adventures, both up and down and symbolize your strength, achievements and successes.

Born in Transylvania, an immigrant to Austria and now living in Miami, Csilla, like yourself, has weathered every storm. Every piece of jewelry she designs has an emotional connection to the voyages we all take throughout our lives.

Celebrate your place in the universe with Csilla Jewelry. Designed to be worn as a statement piece with a magnificent evening gown, but equally fabulous with your favorite t-shirt and jeans. Everyday fine jewelry that speaks about who you are.

Welcome to Csilla Jewelry.
Bold. Brave. Daring. Unique. ✨
With love ;)
Csilla Mezei